Natural Pool

Just by trying it you can understand.


In our bio swimming pool you can live SassoMatto’s essence

A bio swimming pool has a natural cleaning system, the best place to relax surrounded by wild nature. Here you can plunge into very pure water and swim with birds’ twittering and dragonflies’ flight. A biological swimming pool where nature plays the main role to create something unique and that no words can describe.

What is a bio swimming pool?

A bio lake or bio pool is a ornamental dock with fresh water where you can swim, plunged into a natural ecosystem in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape.

The absence of chemical products to clean the water, the use of a natural system of filtering (phytodepuration) and the pleasant sensation to have a swim into the nature are the features that make the difference between our bio pool and a traditional swimming pool.

The bio swimming pool is a lifestyle, our lifestyle

In Europe and in developed northern countries in particular the concept of bio lake, commonly widespread, was the first step of a public and private lifestyle focused not only on reducing environmental impact and saving natural resources, but also on taking care of territory, recovering and protecting its biodiversity.

Furthermore, it is a way to get in touch with nature, a new dimension of pshyco-physical wellness, a kind of green wellnes and sustainable comfort that define a new possible environmental model.


The phytodepuration is a natural process of  autocleaning of water through a series of biological reactions and filters activated by aquatic plants and their substratum.

Rules of behaviour

Respect of ourselves and others is the main rule we kindly ask you to respect.

In the bio pool area you will realize that silence and calmness are required to better understand the place where you are, and for this reason we require maximum respect of the area.

  • It is not allowed to shout or use a high voice tone, in order not to disturb other people.
  • It is strictly forbidden to dive, run or play in the bio pool area.
  • To get into the water it is necessary to use the special ladders.
  • It is not possible to bring any kind of object into the water.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use glass items, such as bottles and glasses, in the garden.
  • Eating and drinking in or by the pool are not allowed.